A Start…

by klassman

One week ago I registered for IronMan Lake Placid.  It is something I thought about for years, but only seriously considered for less than a week.  Mind blowing, I know.

The idea of covering more than 140 miles under my own power is surreal.

The prospect of sharing the ups, the downs and the discovery — some of which will certainly not be flattering — is mildly unsettling.  However, I’ve found the tips and encouragement from friends invaluable as I’ve stepped into the world of triathlon.  Many support me and perhaps this site will have something for you too.

Some of these friends are known: guys I ride with, run behind or regulars I see at the bike shop.  Co-workers, old friends and relatives.  Most importantly, my wife and the four little beauties who provide all the ego boost anyone could ever hope to receive.  Others are only handles on discussion threads or bike mechanics willing to spend an extra few minutes answering questions.

I’ve done 15 races and none compare to what is on the horizon some 50+ weeks from now.

Such a big project will also require a little help so that I can remember the journey.  Lord knows how many times I leave for work without my wallet or keys.  Thus a journal of a journey begins so that I might remember and reflect along the way.