July — In the Rearview Mirror

by klassman

Every July the Tour de France comes along and the television in the corner of my office gets fired up for another month of Phil and Paul commenting.  Really, few things beat Liggett-isms.  It is one thing for the boys to be “dancing on the pedals” or “stamping out a furious pace” and it is entirely another to “reach deep into your closet of courage.”

One man who stands alone in these respects — dancing on the pedals, stamping, courage closet — is Jens Voigt.  While July and the Tour has come and gone, I will miss the blog updates from Voigt.  He wants to renew his contract with Leopard Trek and I sure hope they do for at least one more year.

As for the Liggettisms, I guess we’ll have to buy the book.