South Pole

by klassman

The old adage about keeping politics and religion away from polite conversation has its own natural wisdom.  Unfortunately, there are few topics that the triathlon community considers off limits if there is any relationship whatsoever to gear, training, health or racing.

My wife is supportive of this IronMan adventure.  She was the spark that lit the tinder.  She urged me to register now if I ever want to do it and made thoughtful, compelling arguments.  She mourned silently (mostly) when I bought a bike.  She has sacrificed for my training and races, aided and tended my frailties and provided psychological and emotional succor.  She is not, however, wholly of the triathlon community.

The other day, as she enjoyed her coffee and the kids ate breakfast in the next room, I gamely tried to tell her the latest developments from training.

After two false starts at conversation, she cut me off before the third try.  I learned where she stood on discussion about the delicate bits positioned around a triathlete’s anatomical South Pole.

Uninterested in the effects of moisture, heat, pressure and the resulting friction, she explained, “You are not allowed to talk to me about saddle sores.”

Duly noted. Please pass the cereal.