Swim Strategy? Get Away from 2,999 Other Athletes

by klassman

This blog post makes me sit up and realize — even this far out — that my usual swim strategy won’t work.  Every race I’ve ever done has had a wave start.  I typically start on the front row of my wave and sprint into the lead group because even if I get passed by some people, it is faster than navigating around and through the field.  Obviously, that won’t work at IMLP unless I radically improve my swim.

Just how fast does someone have to swim to get ahead of the bulk of the field?  And, is front of the pack even reasonable?  In a field of 3,000, a finish in the top five percent would still mean 150 people jockeying for a clean line.  I’d love to see a histogram or other statistical distribution of swim times for the last few years (to account for the 20 percent of the field that went without wetsuits in ’11.)

Where to find the data?