Today the bear would have feasted…

by klassman

I was able to get in my first real workout of the week this afternoon.  I ran an out-and-back route to National Harbor.  The turnaround at the Awakening sculpture was fine.  At that point, I didn’t know it but had covered 5.53 miles in 46:43 which is a 8:26 pace.  Not blazing, but acceptable.  Then the run home.  Oh the run home.  On the 1.32 mile bridge span over the Potomac, I was :41 slower.  From the south end of Old Town to the house, I gave up a whopping 4:58 on the return trip compared to the first time I covered the same path.

Who needs sit ups when running is this hard?

All in all, I averaged 9:00 per mile.  Yes that is right Dear Internets, the second half was ugly.  It was as if I was being dragged down, or eaten by the bear.