When the Darkness Comes — Random Thoughts Flourish

by klassman

Random 1 — It is not yet autumn.  Yet, the email I received this morning from Big Al begging for someone to ride behind him in the morning had one detail decidedly different: The start time was 6:30 not 5:30 or 6:00.

All this week I’ve tried and failed to get up before work to run.  Next week, school and carpool starts and we’ll be one week closer to breakfast in the dark.

Related, Yet, Random 2 — Making a new morning habit is just one of the many things I need to do to adapt to a serious training regimen.  Still, I’m resisting.

Random 3 — I plan a big workout weekend.  Run Saturday, swim and put new brake blocks on both bikes on Sunday and then do a long ride on Monday with Big Al and Dan.  Also, the Marin needs a new spoke on the back wheel.  Next week is Nation’s Triathlon and in two weeks is Savageman and so I’m sure the latter half of each week will be limited for exercise.

Random 4 — Two weeks ago, I went out to Deep Creek with Patrick to pre-ride the Savageman course during Dan’s family vacation.  It was a gorgeous day and we rode hard for 57 miles.  Patrick rode hardest considering his back derailleur wouldn’t let him into the two smallest gears.  I also made it up Westernport Wall for the first time ever.  When we finished the ride, Dan went for a swim in the lake and Patrick joined me for a 5 mile run.  I was in fine shape that week and ran smoothly including up the fire road.  Then, a day or two to recover from the mountains and I was suddenly on vacation.  I’ve run twice since getting back from Maine and while the second time was smoother than the first, neither was very impressive.  This weekend should put all the memory back into my legs so that they are ready for the next two weekends of racing.

Random 5 — Yesterday was Little T’s third birthday and tomorrow morning is his party.  I am so excited for the chocolate cake, the frog candles that he has been asking about for months and the pinata.  I managed to get a climbing rope over a tree branch some 30 feet in the air and it is just dangling tonight, waiting for tomorrow’s party.

Random 6 — I’ve averaged about 60 miles a month so far this year for run training.  Last month was my smallest total milage for running and it surpassed every month from 2010 except one, July.  Greg LeMond is purported to have said, “It it doesn’t get easier, you just go faster.

Evidentially, the three time TdF champion knew something about running too.