Nation’s Triathlon — Or Duathlon, or Whatever it Was

by klassman

A new race report is up at BT.

Yesterday’s race was a PR — for everyone who was able to get to the start line and avoid a DNF.  (PR – Personal Record.  DNF – Did Not Finish)

The swim was cancelled due to five straight days of heavy rain and the subsequent debris in the Potomac.  The volume and current were both very high.  It was a smart decision though I was very disappointed.  Swimming is what I enjoy most in this sport and the rare competitive advantage I bring to these races.

Yesterday my objective was to do two things on the run after hammering the bike segment.  I wanted to avoid having a “bad mile.”  It seems in every race I reach a point on the run where I simply lose my pace.  I might fall off by :30, :60 or even more before I recognize what is happening and then slowly regain something of a pace.  Always, the new pace is significantly slower than the pre-blow up pace.  I think this problem is usually due to a lack of focus — a wandering mind — although I don’t discount the effect tired legs have either.  In the Olympic distance it is often mile 4 that is my worst split and in the HIM distance it is right around mile 8-9 that I go into la-la land for a while.

I can happily report that the run splits averaged 7:31 over the first three miles (first split wasn’t caught until mile 3) and then were 7:38, 7:37 and 7:34. Sure, mile four WAS the slowest but if I only fell off pace by seven seconds I’m okay with that result.

The second race goal was to run each mile under 8:00 minutes AFTER riding hard.  Going into the race, my attitude was that a personal record in the run wasn’t going to count as success if I only pushed 90 percent on the bike.  It was 100 percent or nothing.  Both objectives were met.  I split a bit more than five minutes faster on the bike for this distance and course and ran my fastest ever 10k (adjusted for the course which I believe was only six miles.)

Next week is Savageman.  I’m headed to Deep Creek Lake with Dan and Big Al.  They are both in good form and it should be fun to ride through the mountains, tackle the Westernport Wall and finish with more dignity than last year’s sad, sad running performance.  Also, the lake is gorgeous for swimming.  Don’t forget the swimming.