Gone to the Conti’s…

by klassman

I took my bike in this afternoon for a mandatory safety check before Savageman.  Last year, I waited in a long line on Saturday night to have everything looked over and certainly wanted to avoid it if possible.

I visited Fresh Bikes in Arlington (formerly Conte’s).  It is a nice place, huge selection and plenty of knowledge behind the counter.

It turns out that my bike passed without problem although two other guys had dropped their bikes off in the morning to find a crack in the frame.  Unridable.  Ouch.  Talk about unthinkable.

The brakes were adjusted a bit — to compensate for my amateur work on them 10 days ago.  I replaced the batteries in the Cat Eye II computer which has been fluky lately.  Then, I dropped the bomb of a question.

Two weeks ago I noticed that my tires were starting to pull apart and some hair-like threads were poking through.  After I pointed this out and asked about the safety of the situation — I was soon at the wall featuring several brands and their various lines of tires.

I went with the Continental GP 4000S.  I bought Conti’s for my commuting bike in July and have been pleased.  I believe Patrick rides Conti’s on his TT and his road bike.  In addition, the mechanic said that they are the only thing he buys anymore.  The final selling point, after I wavered and started to lean toward another set of racing slicks to replace the trusty Hutchison’s that I’ve been rolling for nearly two years, was the high performance of the GP4000S on wet and on dry surfaces.

I guess I’m just that kind of racer.  At the end of the day, and at the margin, I’ll take an ounce of safety over a few seconds.  For the gear geeks among you, the Continental boasts a proprietary Black Chili Compound that reduces rolling resistance by 26%, increases grip by 30% and increases mileage by 5% over their previous market leading 3000s.  See below for the 4000 Grand Prix S in all of its glory.

N.B. The S evidentially stands for schwarz which is the German term for black.

Good enough to win industry awards, good enough for me.