by klassman

Yesterday was Savageman.  A full race report will follow.  The short version:

  • Esme was not happy at all with my departure.  She asked, through tears, “Why do you have to leave to do these races?”  There is no sufficient answer to that question.
  • Big Al, Dan and I stayed together in a really big house.  It made for a nice base camp but was more than we needed.
  • I cleared the Westernport Wall and kept chugging.  I finally earned a brick.
  • In the KOM contest, I ended up 129th and went over the 7.1 mile Big Savage climb in 45:13.
  • Highlight: I was 4th in my age group and 21st overall for the swim in 25:44.
  • I tried some generic chocolate Ensure on the bike.  I dubbed it “liquid Powerbar” and it worked very well.
  • When it was all said and done, I dropped 57 minutes from last year’s time and finished in 6:16:26.
  • Dan managed to vomit after the swim and proceeded straight into T1 without so much as stopping to wipe his chin.
  • Big Al had a major mechanical problem with his rear cassette and only had use of a handful of gears for the second half of the ride yet still managed all the climbs and turned in a faster time than last year by running an average pace of 8:01.
Bonus Feature: the Savage Site has up a Westernport 2011 teaser and I think it may be Dan clearing the Wall at about the 3:14 mark in a yellow wind jacket.