“He is all over his machine…”

by klassman

If there were commentary for the Westernport Wall, the announcers would surely note that I was all of the Kuota in my effort to get over the top.

Race report is delayed.  I’m doing work instead of blog posts.  However, someone else kindly found the time stamp on this video for me and emailed it along.

There was a dancing devil, lots of horns and cowbells, someone in a gorilla suit, music from Rocky and plenty of spectators out to see lycra-clad triathletes hitting the deck in ultra slow motion.  In addition, from about 6:08 to 6:23 I was captured by Kyle Yost for all of YouTube posterity.

(Just for amazement, go to about 16:55 and watch someone hold it all together after getting T-boned on the curb.  He crossed treacherous pavement to the other side and then did a super-slow-motion 180 degree turn against the other curb before powering up over the steepest part of the Wall.)