Partial Descent

by klassman

I finally made it to the pool today.  The crisp, damp air of the first autumn weekend contrasted sharply with the chlorinated, damp atmosphere on deck.  Nonetheless, it was nice to stretch out after riding a mountain bike yesterday for four hours.

I meant to descend a long set before heading into the office.  I descended, sort of, and the set wasn’t actually all that long.  The pool is short course meters and I had the whole lane to myself.  Everything started out fine because I used the first two reps to warm up. At least the second five 300s were faster than the first five.  It would have been nice to descend all the way down to a 4:10 or better.  Next time.

The details:

10x300m desc. rest :15; 100m w.d.

  1. 4:40
  2. 4:34
  3. 4:28
  4. 4:23
  5. 4:20
  6. 4:21
  7. 4:26
  8. 4:28
  9. 4:30
  10. 4:27