Not so busy, but coming back…

by klassman

Last week I rode to work every day.  Don Fink’s Iron Fit came in the mail along with a new pair of 2XU running tights.  I finally set up the trainer in the basement and downloaded Coach Jorge’s 16 week winter cycling plan.

I haven’t been very busy with training lately, but things are starting to come back around.  This is good because I think Christmas Day is the beginning of a 30 week countdown to IMLP.

Today I rode the first day of the cycling plan.  It was only 45 minutes.  I followed it up with a quick 2,000 meter swim including 5 x 200 r. :15, descending.  The water felt good.  Another 500 meters or so and my stroke would have started to suffer.

Observations on the weekend:

  1. Tights do not look good on men and they certainly don’t look good on me.  Still, they feel nice.
  2. Dana raked and bagged 3/4 of the leaves while I swam.  This too is nice.
  3. Swimming well — strong and smooth, which can be fast but doesn’t have to be — is about the best thing a person can do alone.  I’ve read that water is about 800 times more dense than air.  This is why drag and a smooth stroke is so important.  Nonetheless, when swimming well, there is a lightness of being that amazes the senses.
  4. The Iron Fit programs would have me swimming two-three times a week for seven months.  As much as I enjoy swimming, I don’t see it happening.  It takes too much precious time getting to the pool, changed and back again.  I’ll have to figure out what to do instead because the swim workouts improve your swim as well as add non-impact general fitness workouts to the schedule.
  5. The kids make me more tired than workouts.  And, I love playing with them more than I love the solitude of a workout.  Yesterday we went to Theodore Roosevelt Island, had perfect autumn weather, saw two deer and played hide-and-seek.  Tired indeed.