One Third

by klassman

Tonight I rode 100 minutes on the trainer.  Not a single minute was physically overwhelming.  The main set required 25 minutes at 75 percent of aerobic threshold, 30 minutes at 80 percent of threshold and another 25 minutes at 85 percent.  I tested for the threshold two weeks ago and came up with a 138 which means tonight I should have stayed under 120.

I have a resting heart rate in the low 50s.  I usually run in the 150s.  On long rides last summer, I would average in the 120s or 130s.  As a result, maxing out in the low triple digits shouldn’t be all that difficult.


Yet, after about 75 minutes it was all I could do to keep focused.  First there was the overwhelming desire for a drink.  Then I had to slow down to stretch my legs.  Next it was a quick pause to reach over for a towel.  And on and on it went.

One third of the training year — the time between when I registered for Ironman Lake Placid and the race next July — has now passed.  In five weeks, my training plan begins.  Sometime, in fact sometime soon, I better figure out how to train my mind.