A Window (Into Training or Simply Life)

by klassman

Last night I forgot to start the dishwasher.  Not that big a deal but it does make it difficult to prepare breakfast for the kids in the morning without bowls.

This morning it was dark.  I was clumsy.

As I stood at the kitchen sink trying to figure out what to do, there was a single room lit in the house and I was focused on the bowls.  I stared out the window annoyed about the dishes and noticed that the townhouse across the way wasn’t quite right.  It looked odd.  I couldn’t figure out why.

I must have stared for ten or twenty seconds before I focused on the upstairs window that is sometimes lit, sometimes dark, but always empty.  There was a person in it and she was staring back at me from the shower.

Uh, hello neighbor.  Thank goodness you are short.  Sorry.

Ninety minutes later, the kids were fed, clothed and off to school.  Dana and I had discussed some news from yesterday, a babysitter for two weeks from now and the logistics of the family van for this weekend’s activities.  So I left for work on my trusty Marin commuter bike.  But, something wasn’t quite right.  Something felt odd.  There was a seam in the wrong place.

I must have rode for ten or twenty minutes before it came into focus.  My shorts were on inside out.

Another half an hour passed and I’ve showered and partially dressed.  Yep, you guessed it.  Something wasn’t quite right.  I looked around the locker room and oddly, couldn’t find my pants.  I had left them upstairs in my office.  I had shoes, tie, belt, socks and a pile of wet commuting clothes but no pants.

All of this to say, heaven help me once the actual Ironman training begins and I have good reason to be tired.  The 30 week program starts in 20 days.  In the meantime, I’ll try to get myself figured out and to my next appointment.