The Old Man and the, and the, and the Heart Rate Monitor

by klassman

For the past few days, the kids have been playing with a noisy plastic fishing game.  It comes complete with little bitty fishing poles and 21 little fish clamoring to be caught — or stepped on by a parent.

They love it.  It has been on enough during the last two days that I’m expecting the battery to go dead at any moment.  It has been the source of endless amusement, a few tussles and even some tears.  It is not my favorite, but it is not for me so I keep my mouth shut.

Hours of Fun

It also is a nice diversion for Tobias who insists that the chest strap for my heart rate monitor is a fishing pole.  Every time he can lay his hands on the strap he will squeal with delight and run about shaking, banging and tossing the strap around like a madman.  He announces the “fish” that he catches with it with all the joy and enthusiasm that is humanly possible.

After two and a half years, I think the Timex Ironman heart rate monitor may have finally seen its final days.  I’m sure Tobias helped it along.  In the past three weeks, it has shocked me three times.  It is like an uncomfortable pinch on the chest.  In the past day, I’ve failed three times to get the watch to pick up a heart rate from the strap.  Fortunately, Dana let me wear her Polar HRM this afternoon for my long bike ride of the week.

Sometime soon, I’ll have to replace the Timex strap.  Somehow, I’ll have to keep it out of reach from my littlest fisherman.