by klassman

For four weeks, my weight has been creeping upward.  I’m still down more than 20 pounds from when I began focus on this some 50 weeks ago.  Still, I don’t like it one bit.  December 26 is only 10 days away and then it will be like Hanukkah — time to celebrate rededication of the temple.  That is probably some sort of sacrilege, but for what it is worth, I mean with with respect.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to run five miles with a few thousand solstice loving freaks.

I’m hesitant to write down any goals for a variety of reasons.  Not least among them is that I’ve only run twice this month and barely ridden at all since last weekend.  I’ve been creeping toward inability to run, or, on a major run taper.  I’m heavier than I should be for a personal best time.  The roads in the park are narrow and there are a lot of runners.  I’m running with four friends and it will be hard to stay together in the crowd let alone be the pacesetter for a group (since I want to hit my target time, not theirs, I figure that I must be the pacesetter for myself.)  It should be about 40 degrees and cold air always makes it hard for me to take really deep breaths.  It is a hilly course.  I’d hate for one of my many readers (okay, there are about three of you, dear Internets) to see that I didn’t meet the goal.

I could just stop complaining and making excuses.  Writing goals down does have a profoundly positive effect and make it more likely they come true.  In the end, I care more about meeting the objective than any of the excuses.