Not Idiot Proof — Put Some Duct Tape on That

by klassman

Yesterday was Christmas.  It was also the beginning of a 30 week countdown to race day.  That makes today the first day of the IronFit training plan.

It has been two or three weeks since I looked at the schedule of workouts.  I pre-loaded the first week of workouts into my training plan on and since have been focused on other things.  You know, yesterday was Christmas.  And, I’ve been riding a lot.

(The IronFit program has overlap with the 16 week cycling plan that I’ve been doing, so for example, Wednesday I’m supposed to ride 30 minutes for one and ride 45 minutes for the other.  I’ll have to rationalize the programs, but that is for another time.)

Last night I eagerly checked today’s plan.  Nothing.  Well, not nothing — Mondays are rest days on not one, but both plans.  I know, rest is important.  Allows the muscles to heal, to grow.  Gives a chance to do the things of life that you cannot do during big, heavy, long workout days.  Still, it was disappointing.

One of the best features of the training plan is that I don’t have to think about it; I don’t have to plan the workouts.  The frequency, the intensity, the duration, the base and the build — all of it is taken care of by the program.  It should be idiot proof.

It is not.  The plan isn’t like duct tape, it is not self-adhering.

This afternoon I went for a run.  I ran with Paddy.  We went slow — or, rather, I kept checking my watch to make sure my heart rate stayed below 150.  I picked a flat route and we ran along without much care on a pleasant afternoon.  Then we came to a series of those handy workout stations that I imagine populate every park and trail in Scandinavia.  We by-passed the sit-up tables and tried the pull-up bars.  We did push-ups.  We hopped over some obstacles.  And then there was the “vault” exercise: two hands on wooden beam that is as high as my mid-section, bend the knees and swing the legs out to one side, up, and over.

I am an idiot.  See below for the photographic evidence.  What you are looking at is a couple inches above my ankle on the inside of my right shin.

It is a vivid reminder that going up should be paired with going over.  It is also a reminder that the cliched aphorism about Ironman races is probably true.  The best predictor of whether someone will finish well is whether or not they got to the start line healthy.

Please Pass the Neosporin