Friday Night Numbers

by klassman

For whatever reason, or no reason at all, the weekly long rides in my current cycling program are scheduled for Friday.  This is fine with me.  It leaves more time to do things with everyone on Saturday.

There is an irony in these rides.  They are immensely difficult.  They don’t overwhelm the muscles, although they are genuinely exhausting.  However, the mental aspect is debilitating.

How do you measure mental fatigue and numbness?  I surely don’t know.  Until that metric is available, these numbers will have to do:

  • 170 minutes on the bike
  • 14,500+ revolutions of the pedals
  • 19,000+ heartbeats
  • 112 heartbeats per minute, on average
  • 49.11 “miles” according to the bike computer though I never left the basement
  • 17.33 “mph” according to the same computer
  • 40 ounces of Perform (sports drink)
  • 10 ounces of water
  • 1 Apple Cinnamon Powerbar
  • 1 Hammergel
  • 8 ounces of a nutrition shake
  • 1,743 calories burned
  • 920 calories consumed
  • 540 calories consumed in the first 70 minutes
  • 380 calories in the next hour
  • 0 calories consumed in final 40 minutes
  • 15 minutes in an ice bath after the ride
  • 5 blue frozen things that belong in a summer cooler but were instead floating in my bath
  • 90 seconds is how long it took before I started shivering in the bathtub

What does this make you think?  It makes me think it is time for bed.