Keeping With a Theme, Numbers

by klassman

The year that was 2011 and a peek ahead.  As they say on NPR’s Marketplace, “let’s look at the numbers.”

Weight — Since March, my average weight has been below 200. It had not been for several years.  I’m so very pleased and a bit amazed.  All told, I went from 217 pounds down to 187 before leveling out at 190-191 pounds.  I’m a bit heavier at the moment, but trending back down.

Goal — Get under 190 and then let the training dictate where my weight goes.  I’d love to compete at 185 or even 182 but that would be uncharted territory — uncharted at least since I was 16 years old.

Swim — I swam nearly 15 hours and covered more than 37 miles of the wet stuff at an average pace of 1:22 per 100 yards.  Compared to recent years’ past, I swam about the same amount and at the same speed — 61k in 2010 (1:21) and 66k in 2009 (1:23).  Totals in three months (January, July and October) exceeded 10,000 yards and the shortest month was September where my only time in the water was at a race.

Goal — The total volume doesn’t interest me much for the coming year because I’m sure it will go up given the training program.  I want to swim Lake Placid in 56 minutes.  More importantly, I want to swim calmly, over the water and not through it and only at about 80-85 percent.  This is a ridiculous goal and anything under an hour will be satisfactory; much more than an hour and something probably went wrong.

Bike — All told, I spent more than nine days aboard my bike this year.  It amounted to 65 percent of all my exercise. Enough said.

Goal — Measure commuting on a Marin versus riding on the Kuota.  Ride Skyline Drive.  Adjust my fit.  Split under 2:30 at Kinetic HIM.

Run — In the course of the past year, my average pace was 8:40.  This is 45 seconds faster than 2010 and 48 seconds faster than 2009.  The milage nearly doubled as well but more importantly, I dropped 25 pounds.  Also, the first half of the year was focused on running better.  During the second half, I averaged about 40 miles a month compared to just over 60 miles a month during the first half of the year. *NOTE — In the chart below, the second entry for Run refers to trail running in Maine where I couldn’t track the milage.

Goal — PR marathon during Ironman.  Do Celtic Solstice under 35 minutes.  Stay injury free — especially hips and knees.

Racing Goals — 2:20 in Olympic; 4:56:59 in HIM; 5:59:59 at Savageman; Finish well at Lake Placid — Head high, hallucinations at bay, able to converse semi-intelligently with family and cross the line between 10:40 and 11:28 (1:00+6+5:54+6+4:22) (:56+6+5:36+6+3:56) — failing these things, finish in less than 12:30.

2011 totals
Bike: 218h 31m 52s  – 3557.62 Mi
Run: 90h 14m 47s  – 635.75 Mi
Swim: 14h 52m 18s  – 65544.84 Yd
Strength: 09m
Adventure Racing: 7h 19m 20s
Kayaking: 1h 55m
Power Walking: 06m
Run: 1h 02m 18s
Spinning Class: 1h 00m
Stair Running: 1h 25m 06s