New Things — Jimmy Walker Would Be Proud

by klassman

Yesterday I tried whey protein powder for the first time.  Other than a daily vitamin I’ve haven’t taken supplements since I was a kid and someone told my mother that vitamin E would cure asthma.  But there is overwhelming research to suggest that in the first 20-40 minutes after a hard workout the body has an opportunity to absorb the necessary building blocks to repair muscle tissue.  It doesn’t taste as bad as I expected, so there is that.

Bright and early this morning I took Dana’s place in a TNT class.  She won’t be able to attend for a couple months and as a result, I’ll be going to a 45 minute core strengthening session twice a week.  It wasn’t as hard as I expected, though my hamstrings feel like someone took a hate stick and beat them and then beat them again.  I expect the same feeling throughout my trunk by this time tomorrow.

Tonight, new shoes arrived from the friendly FedEx truck.  (Really, from these guys.)  The excitement of new shoes doesn’t wear off.  It is the same feeling every time.  I’m not due to run again until Friday, so if it isn’t raining I’ll give them a whirl later this week.