The Present, It’s a Gift

by klassman

Friday I flaked out.  I didn’t do the scheduled 2:50 ride on the trainer nor did I do the 30 minute run.  Instead, I was in bed by 8:45.

Last night, I was still tired from the morning TNT class when I went out for an hour run.  My mind was busy.  I was tired.  I couldn’t focus.  I was worried that bringing on the Iron Fit program at the mid-point of the winter cycling program and introducing the core strength workouts that I’d overdo it and injure myself.  (I guess there is no risk of injury if you are passed out cold from exhaustion.)  Things at work, things at home, things with family members’ health — lots of jumbled ideas.

But, I had new shoes on.  (Everyone likes to wear new shoes!)  It was clear and cool.  The trail was quiet.  I overcame inertia and made it out the door.  I was ready for a run.

Flashback to about ten years ago when I would join Dana’s yoga class once a week.  There were candles.  The was lots of talk about intentions, flow and grounding.  We were often encouraged to be present, you know, in the moment.

Running 12 hours after a core body strength class, I was aware of my entire midsection.  Muscles ached, breathing deeply seemed to stretch everything and then I made the connection: the TNT instructor favored the same language as the long-ago yoga teacher.  Be present.  Feel each movement all the way through.  Use the flow.

I needed a distraction.  I didn’t need a deeper awareness of my breath or obliques.  And then it came.  First, it was the moon.  Then I passed a heron in Four Mile Run.  Near the airport, there was a raccoon.  By the halfway point, I was enjoying myself.  I could feel the muscles interacting.  My mind emptied and each step became special.  I practically glided home.

I ran in the present.  It was a gift.