Reading the Situation

by klassman

Tonight I put in a little more than 2 hours and 20 minutes on the trainer.  That is a long time to sit in the basement listening to the radio.

For the only the second time, I managed to read while riding.  The first half of the ride passed quickly and I absorbed four chapters from Team 7-Eleven.

When Jim Ochowicz put the team together, they never could have known what was in front of them.  They were the first fully supported American team to go to Europe and break into the highest ranks of the professional peloton.  They learned a lot and earned most of that education the hard way.

Sometimes, that is how I feel about this training.  I don’t have illusions that the problems and challenges in front of me are novel.  I’m not that special.  Thousands of people have already accomplished the huge thing that is in front of me.  I’m learning it the hard way.  Like right now; I’m too tired to think clearly but cannot fall asleep.  Not a good auger for tomorrow.