Split Decision

by klassman

Today was the first time since I started early in January with the TNT classes that I had an entirely BLAH class.  I struggled to get through the exercises and with my “normal” tension on the stretch cords or “normal” weights were too heavy.

These things happen and it is best to keep moving ahead.

Later in the morning, I ran to work.  At nearly the halfway mark, I was on pace to finally cover the 7.61 miles in under an hour.  In nearly two years, I’ve never done it.  Today I felt smooth and my heartrate, while 4-6 beats per minute higher than I wanted, was lower than a high-intensity run.

BLAH struck again.  I arrived in 1:01:16.  All in all, a good run and since I’m supposed to be training by time and not milage, a great run because today’s workout calls for an hour.

Yet, it was disappointing.  I guess I went one for two today and since I won’t likely make it to the pool — though my plan calls for it — it will have to be enough.