Drips and Drabs of Thought

by klassman

This is the second week in a row where I cut the swim workout short.  This would not be that big of a deal if I was doing both of the scheduled workouts per week.

On the other had, it is the first week of February and I’ve already swum one quarter as much as I did in all of 2011.

I also skipped the IronFit workout entirely.  Usually, I make a pretense and adjust what comes from the book.  For example, I’ll do drills, but I’ll do 8×50 of drills with every other one with a pull buoy.  I don’t do 25s but will do half the recommended amount and do repeat 50s.  I also cut the recommended rest because it is too boring to wait 20 and 30 seconds between everything.  I have neither the patience nor the time.  Today, I jumped in with a three minute warm-up and then did three 600s followed by a minute warm-down.  The kids were at a birthday party and I was expected on the home front.

I imagine this is a foreshadowing of what is to come.  As the swim workouts build and eventually get more race specific, I will probably make up more of my own workouts.