I know a guy…

by klassman

I don’t pull my own wrenches.  Thanks to these guys moving in about three blocks away, I may begin to learn a thing or two.

For the past few years, I’ve relied on a guy.  It is a bit of a strange thing, but what good cycling story isn’t?  I’ve known Dan for 15 years.  Dan went to high school with Big Al — who lives about a mile away from me.  Big Al knows his way around tools but relies on a gear guy who also lives in the neighborhood — Noah.  Noah in turn, doesn’t rely on other gear guys — he is a gear guy.  He is also a bone fide physicist who strips, assembles, builds and generally messes around with bikes for fun.  I looked into his garage once and there were nearly a dozen bikes in there including several he had custom built from the ground up.

So, I don’t pull my own wrenches; I know a guy.  And this guy, Noah, is very involved in the Tour de Cure every year.  This year, Noah, Big Al, Dan and I will all be riding a century on June 3.  In the meantime, I welcome your support for the American Diabetes Association and have a convenient link for you, dear Internets, right here.