by klassman

Tomorrow is the beginning of week 11 out of a 30 week training plan.  The workload will begin to build.  The frequency of workouts will increase.  More importantly, the intensity will sharpen.

On the upside, spring is in the air.  Additional sunshine and the absence of frost in the air makes it easier to get out for workouts.

On the downside, I hit all the marks and followed the plan for six weeks, nearly all the workouts for another week and then had three straight sub-par weeks.  I need to break the cycle.  It is in my head that a balance of everything at home, at work and with the training doesn’t fit into the 168 hours available each week.  It is time to get back on the plan.  It is time to take control of the schedule again and get it all done.

Yesterday I did 2:43 on the bike and today I ran 1:33.  I still hope to get to the pool today but I may not.  The kids and I are going to set up lacrosse nets in the yard.

It is a start.  Who says you cannot have it all?