Only One Thought

by klassman

Yesterday, my youngest son asked his mother, “Can I go to the dentist to help me say my words?”

In our household, there is only one extrovert.  He is three.  He makes friends everywhere, has a massive imagination and is always willing to share the latest adventure or story he is making up.  He also doesn’t speak clearly.  Still, he is a walking billboard for love and friendships easily made.

Dana tells me he was very matter of fact about the topic.  He is aware of the confusion people have with his diction and wants to change the situation.  He didn’t demonstrate particular anxiety or pain about it.

On the other hand, his father is all torn up.  I cannot get this out of my mind.  While I’m optimistic and have a sense of perspective — he can communicate, he is healthy, we have resources available to help him, I cannot stop thinking about it.  Bothered to distraction.

That is okay.

After all, everything is not about Ironman.