by klassman

Last year I lost about 25 pounds.  Right now, I’m consistently weighing in within a pound or two of where the weight loss leveled out at about 191-192 pounds.

By March 2011, I had already lost about 15 pounds and was right at 200 pounds.

Today, was day one of giving up sugary treats for a week.  Cookies, brownies, honey in my tea.  The idea is to break the cycle of crashes, to get on a better daily rhythm and to generally feel better.  But first the addiction to the sugar.  Breaking it is a bitch.  A bitch with a vengeful headache and growly stomach.  I don’t have a thought on whether it is a toxin or not, but that is because I can barely think straight.

Which brings me to the revelation that the WTC has changed sponsors and will now offer Gu gels on the Ironman Lake Placid course instead of the Powerbar gels that I’ve become accustomed to in the past several months.  Of course, I only became accustomed to them after dropping other brands like Clif Shot Blocks because I wanted to train with the same nutrition that would be on the course.

Gu’s leading ingredients are fructose and sucrose while Powerbar relies on maltodextrin and fructose.  Gu comes out a little thicker, Powerbar is a little easier to drink or slurp down.  This is not a huge setback, but I don’t like it.  Blah — I’ll have to get over it.

And, if you ask me, the taste of Gu is sweeter than Powerbar.  Not exactly the same as the sugarplums that are dancing in my cranky head.  Perhaps annoyance burns calories and between the lack of cookies and the Great Gel Switcheroo of 2012 I’ll finally drop down under 185 pounds.