If It Is Wrong, It Is Consistently Wrong

by klassman

A quick update on the Junk in the Trunk post:

Six weeks ago I had my body fat measured for the first time.  The test is part of the deal with an exercise class that I’ve been attending twice a week since late December.  I’m substituting for Dana until she is released for a full range of activity by her doctor.

I’m likely to lose my spot in the class as soon as next week.  Today was a follow-up weigh in and body fat test.  The weight was a non-issue.  I weigh myself at least four times a week and chart it as part of my exercise logs.  The body fat test was interesting to me however.  I’m still convinced that the test is inaccurate and the measurement is too low.  I’ve read plenty about how the same person administering the test, using the same diagnostic tools and methods can have wide divergences in the results based on what a person has eaten and how depleted or dehydrated they are on a given day.

Even so, my result this morning was lower than the first test.  So, though I think the tests are not quite accurate, at least they are consistently wrong and the results are headed in the right direction.  I came in at 4.9 percent.  I’ll take that…with an electrolyte tablet or two.