Small Steps

by klassman

I. Sunday afternoon I went to swim.  Workouts have been getting stale lately.  This week switched up the main set so that every other repetition was with a pull buoy.  Funny thing happened, after 12x200s with 10 seconds rest, the average time was the same as what I’ve been doing lately for straight swim sets.  It was slightly faster than swim sets from just a month and a half ago.

It is not as fast as I’d like.  At some point in the next 15 weeks, I’d like to get some long sets under my belt with an average 100 pace of 1:15.  Plenty of room for improvement since I was only doing about 1:20s, but this weekend was a small step in the right direction.

II. Tonight I stayed late in the city for a dinner with a client.  I ran home after.  The temperature was in the high 40s, the sky was clear and though I’m tired the ache that dominated my legs yesterday had receded.  The workout called for 2×4.5 minute pick ups.  By the time I got going, I forgot exactly what I was supposed to do.  I ended up doing four of the pickups.  Here is the kicker, I got home in 1:00:11.  Twelve seconds faster and I would have snuck in under an hour.  For an year and a half I’ve tried to run that route in less than an hour.  Probably half a dozen times I’ve gone out with the express purpose of getting to work or getting home in less than an hour.  Never been done.  Not once.  Typically, it takes 63, 65, 66 minutes.  A couple times it has be 61 minutes and change.

Tonight, it was 11 seconds.  It wasn’t quite the sub-hour time that I wanted, but it was progress.

III. Small steps in the right direction are small victories.  Small victories need to be cherished.