In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

by klassman

March By the Numbers

  • 18:22:18 to cover 322.48 miles on my bike.  The average pace is 17.48 miles per hour.
  • 11:50:07 to cover 84.81 miles running.  The average pace is 8:22 per mile.
  • 3:47:20 to cover 16,966.97 yards in the pool.  The average pace is 1:20 per 100 yards.
  • 5:15:00 in the gym for seven core training sessions.
  • 18:35:30 commuting 289.18 miles on my other bike.
  • There were five swims, 12 bike rides and 15 runs.
  • Average weight across the whole month was 191.08.  On the 1st I was 192 pounds and on the 30th I was 188.4 pounds.

All told, the absence of injury is startling to me.  The most I’ve ever run in a month was 81 miles in May 2011.  Prior to that, it was 2008 when I did 72 miles leading up to a marathon.  While I’m not burning up the pool with frequency, the past three months have been the biggest three months of yardage in the past five years.  I swam nearly 25 percent farther this month than in the second biggest month (January ’12) with nary a peep from my left shoulder.  March was not my biggest month on the bike, but it has been above average with three rides of 150 minutes or more.

What is not startling is the force of exhaustion.  As I look back at workouts missed, there are the obvious ones in the pool.  It is a rare exception that I’m able to get to a pool during the week.  However, what stands out are the Friday workouts.  It is hard to remember, because I’m tired now, but if most Fridays are like last week then I probably fell asleep trying to do the evening routine with the kids.

Yet another reason to double down on my efforts to train before work and before everyone gets up for school.  April brings with it earlier sunrises, a 10 mile running race and an Olympic triathlon and a clean slate to tally a new set of numbers.

Putting up big numbers makes me hungry -- all the time.