Passing Thoughts

by klassman

Short ride today — as far as long rides go.  It was 57+ miles.  I did hill repeats at the end of MacArthur Blvd. and down into the state park where there is a parking lot for the C&O Canal.  Four times up MacArthur and three times up the park road.  Finally got up the MacArthur hill in less than five minutes — twice!  I did it once sitting up and then once in the aero position for good measure.

Passing people uphill is nearly as big a rush as passing people while running.  It is so rare and novel for me — though it means little — it still sets off a little chemical reaction releasing adrenaline and endorphins.

Rushing to get home so we could go to the fish printing “make your own textile art” event at the Textile Museum, I didn’t do a run afterward.  We also took a tour of the post presidential home of Woodrow Wilson which was interesting.  Tobias liked “all of it.”  Josephine enjoyed the piano.  Desmond liked the library and Esme pointed out his typewriter as a highlight.

It is raining now.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but I’m still hoping to run and swim but may have to set those aside to do a “mulch workout.”  We had a big delivery this morning and if I leave it in the driveway I know someone who will overdo it an hurt her back during the week.  Maybe mulch and then a short run instead of the 90 minute long runs that have been showing up lately.

Half Ironman is in a week.  New race, new course and just a few butterflies.  It would be nice to finish in less than five hours.  It is really hard to predict how my body will react on Saturday.  Some days I have plenty of strength and energy and other days I can barely pedal to work without stopping for a break.  Last Sunday I started with a bang, faded something awful and then after hitting bottom was balanced for half of the race.

Tomorrow is the end of week 18 and there are only 30 weeks in the plan.  It is hard to believe that I’m almost two-third of the way through the program.

Also, quick update on New Balance and Elvis.  I shipped the shoes yesterday.  More to follow when I have tracking information about the replacements.

Best part of the weekend is coming up in the next 15 hours.  Dana and I are watching a show together at 9.15 tonight and then we’ll ride out to Great Falls together in the morning along the canal towpath.  Dates are too few, too far between but always cherished.