Off Balance

by klassman

This week I’ve been trying to get back on track with training.  I’ve ridden to work every day and done three bike workouts.  Tonight I ran for the second time this week.

I haven’t been swimming at all lately.  Strangely, I am beginning to think that pool work may be the thing that keeps everything else in kilter.  It gives me a chance to quiet my mind and it can exhaust me without beating up on my legs.

As an aside, my legs feel pretty damn beat down right now.  After two light weeks of training, the past four days have really given my legs the whatfer.

But, things must be looking up.  My new shoes arrived from New Balance last week (though I’ve yet to wear them) and Sunday I’ll do the Colin Casey 3K with Esme, Desmond and Josephine.  I look forward to the sense of accomplishment they’ll have as we come down the last two blocks of Royal Street.

That will be enough to carry through hours and hours of training next week.