by klassman

My favorite sign from the IMLP racecourse: Shut Up Legs.  Around mile 22-23 of the run.

The funniest sign that I saw, just before the three bears (named climbs in the last 12-15 miles of the bike course): Goldilocks Is A Pussy.

Signs that all of the various triathlon and Ironman stuff is wearing thin: Last night Dana commented that the stubble on my legs was irritating in bed; my cycling shoes have been banished from the house for good.  One too many pee breaks just could not be rinsed out.

Signs that all of this triathlon and Ironman stuff might be able to sustain for another year are also found around here.

Cupcakes to Celebrate

My family threw a surprise party with two dozen friends, co-workers, neighbors and fellow bike geeks. I was speechless.