Data Geek

by klassman

Ironman data master Raymond Britt has posted his analysis of IMLP for the year.  There are some surprises in his tables and enough there to keep me coming back for some time.

Among his findings, this was the slowest IMLP among the past four years.  The average time in my age group was 29 minutes faster in 2011 compared to last week’s 13:04.  The DNF rate, did not finish or dropped out after starting, was 11 percent or more than double last year.  However, it obviously wasn’t too hard just harder than recent years.  Probably due to the wind on the bike course and the heat on the run.  There were 2,273 official finishers.

My favorite chart is the regression analysis showing who went too fast or too slow on the bike vis a vis their run performance.  I ended up in the quadrant marked “Fast, Balanced.”