Man Crush

by klassman

It is unseemly, but I have a thing for Pete Jacobs.  Sure he is a world champion and has a charming accent but that is not the source of the attraction.

He is a lover.

Moments after crossing the finish line, he said the following.

I’m in love. I’m in love with the sport. I’m in love with my friends and family. They’ve done so much for me. Those last to miles I was running home to Jamie, my beautiful wife, who I love so much. I was just saying the word ‘love’ to myself over and over again during those last two miles because I’m so lucky to be able to have this opportunity to do what I do, and to have a good day out there with all my friends and family and sponsors here. They believed in me so much. It was just an unbelievable day and there’s just so much love.

I cannot find it now, but I think Slowtwitch or Lava had an excerpt from the speech he gave the night after the race at the awards ceremony.  He explained at length how he has spent the year reflecting on positive things, the gifts he has, the people in his life and the wonder of his career.  His one word mantra is Love.  I wish I could find it now.

No matter.  With or without the speech, I can follow the example.

Is that the beach at Mirror Lake?