by klassman

Last summer Dana and the kids threw a surprise party.  We celebrated with friends on the front porch the journey, the accomplishment and the stories of my first Ironman.

I saved the banners.  One of them hangs on the wall right next to the bike trainer and assorted wetsuits near the laundry machine.  The other is due to be hung directly in front of the bike trainer.  Nothing like a little motivation during those indoor, dark, boring spin sessions in the basement.  The kids drew flowers, left notes and encouragements.  One of them, from Dana, is printed in all capital letters and says, “IT’S LIKE THE BAY SWIM, TIMES INFINITY!  xoxo.”

How much motivation is necessary?  A lot.  There is a whole lot of tired in infinite multiplication.  Somehow I believe these banners are precisely what I need.  I hope to do better this coming year.

Notes on 2012 Training

Topped out at 143,721 yards (nearly 81.66 miles) swimming, 2,967.29 miles on a bike, and 812.69 miles running.  These efforts were done in 32, 168.7 and 117.48 hours respectively, or nearly 14 days of total training.  In addition, I put in nearly 2,300 miles bike commuting for 305 hours (another 13 days).  All told, nearly a month of exercise-based motion to cover 5,288 miles.  My average weight dropped by nearly seven pounds from 2011 to 2012 to 189.2 pounds.


From 2011 to 2012, my pace improved by a tiny margin from 1.36 to 1.34 minutes per 100 yards.  Swimming was 10.1 percent of triathlon based training (by time) and the biggest months were June and July with nearly 20,000 yards and 25,000 yards.  Immediately after IMLP, August and September were the lightest months with only 6,000 yards between them.

I did 49 swim workouts, more than double the 24 from 2011.  The average workout increased from 2,700 yards to 2,950 yards.  I spent 116 percent more time swimming but went 119 percent farther than in 2011.  Lesson: Tiny margins of improvement add up.


Focus in 2011 training was on cycling and it paid off.  Overall training pace improved from 16.36 mph in 2011 to 17.58 mph in 2012.  Cycling was 53 percent of triathlon training time and I spent the equivalent of seven days on my trusty Kuota.  The biggest months were June followed by April, 509 and 407 miles, and the lowest milage months were November and December with meager entries of 85 and 45 miles.

There were 88 rides including five months were I did 10 or more.  Average workout distance tripled from 11.4 miles to 33.72 miles in the past year.


Unlike the swim, the pace slowed by a tiny, wee little bit from 2011.  On average, it went from 8.67 mph to 8.65 mph.  Running was about 37 percent of time spent triathlon training last year and though I covered some 560 miles before IMLP, I only covered a total of 812 miles altogether.  However, compared to 2011 the milage was up 28 percent.

I did 133 run workouts and the average distance was 6.1 miles, up from 114 runs averaging 5.5 miles in 2011.  During three months I did at least 15 run workouts.