Ribbit. 28 to Go…

by klassman

The frog has been found.

Friday night I ran in the cool mist.  Yesterday, expecting sunshine and a high of 61, I set off at 7:35 a.m. in the low 40s with shorts.  I was looking for a great morning ride.  What I got was fog and when I finished around 12:30 it was not quite in the mid-50s.  Though solitary and with frozen toes, the 75 mile ride was great for about 65 miles until I started to peter out.  Today I swam 3,250 meters and ran another seven miles.

The fog tonight was amazing.  It absorbed sounds from the road and the airport.  It hugged my face beneath my cap.  It swallowed lights and made shadows dance a funky kabuki.

For the first time this year, today felt like I was training.  Friday, I didn’t really want to run.  Yesterday, I was just tired — plain old tired.  Today, my legs were cooked; a set of 30×100 meters in the pool made me slow down markedly after the first 20 and the run tonight was far slower than I wanted.

That is Ironman training.  Only 28 weeks to go.