Marching Toward Fitness

by klassman

A year ago, I presented the tally of March training here.

For 2013 I’m using the same training plan so the numbers are similar therefore it is hard to tell if I’m more or less fit. However, I love looking at the numbers so a little comparison is inevitable.

In ’12, the bike numbers were lower than last month. Last March I rode 18:22:18, covered 322.48 miles and averaged 17.48 mph. This year I rode nearly a day (23:39:06), covered 432.28 miles and increased the pace to 18.28 mph in the course of 13 bike workouts. Last year, it was a dozen times out on the bike.

Last year I had a big month of 11:50:07 running. At 84.81 miles, the average pace was 8:22. I did 15 run workouts in ’12 and in ’13 put in 16 run workouts for totals of 13 hours, 4 minutes and 1 second which works out to a slower average pace of 8:26 per mile.

March ’13 was my biggest swimming month since college if you don’t count last June and July in the run-up to IMLP. I hit the pool six times, versus five in March ’12, and covered 19,575 yards in 4:16:35 to increase my pace from last year by a second to 1:19 per 100 yards (during main sets).

Weight was nearly the same and followed a similar pattern. Last year I went from 192 on the first to 188.4 pounds on the 30th for an average across the month of 191.08. This year I went from 193.2 on the first to 188.8 on the 29th. The average across the month was 191.13.

So what is different? I feel much stronger in the water now than my log notes suggest from last year. I am not as strong on a couple of hills that I use to benchmark the bike and this will have to be addressed. I’m riding and running a bit more and though my early training was more consistent in 2012 the logs in 2013 show that since the build phase began I’ve been more diligent in 2013 or else learned how to better balance sleep, work and recovery.

I hate to see the run pace going the wrong direction, but I have to hope that four seconds is insignificant at this point. Nonetheless, I’d like it to go the down toward 8:15 or better. Finally in the category of what is different, last year I wanted to race at 185 pounds and weighed in at 185. This year I’m committed to racing at 179 or lower which means that I’m further away from the target weight than I was at this time a year ago.