Mystery Pain

by klassman

I’m going on three days of a mysterious leg pain. The outermost side of my left thigh is sore. It feels like I slept on a pipe or received a charley horse punch only I’m unaware of any recent bumps, bangs or falls. I’ve not done anything to injure myself, yet, there it is.

This morning it was sore enough to warn me away from doing jumps onto the box in the garage. I did one and POW!, I could feel it. Last night it was sore before I ran, fine while I ran for an hour including up the significant hill on Mt. Ida Avenue, and then just as sore afterward. No more or less painful today than on Monday when it showed up like an uninvited guest.

What gives?

This weekend’s training will be shortened I’m afraid, due to out of town guests. Maybe a little extra time off of my legs will let the mysterious ailment become a healed ailment.

Here’s hoping…