by klassman

The bib numbers are out for the race. On July 28, I’ll wear number 1681.

I have five toenails that are messed up. One is thick and purple, two have blisters underneath them from the soggy 17+ mile run last Sunday, another has essentially given up and fallen off without a proper nail beneath it and a fifth is deformed and constantly in jeopardy of a forming its own blister.

Last month was the biggest month for running that I’ve ever had. I covered 157.42 miles in 23 hours, 7 minutes and 8 seconds.

June was also my biggest month on the bike. My trusty Kuota did 616.75 miles in 33 hours, 34 minutes and 16 seconds. I rode another 198 miles on the Marin commuting to and from work a half an hour at a time (for a total of 13 hours).

I swam just under 21,000 yards — which was the second highest month of the year and third highest in the past two years with July 2012 leading the tally.

In all, I did 40 workouts. There were 15 on the bike, 17 running and eight in the pool.

My weight averaged just at or a hair under 180 for the month.

Tomorrow my little Cherry Blossom is entered in three events in the A Meet for her swim club. I simply cannot wait to see the 8-Unders do the 25 back, 25 free and 100 free relay. It will be amazing.