My Power Supply

by klassman

Dana will occasionally joke about my status when we met — I didn’t cook and certainly didn’t eat good food.  We’ll leave details to your imagination but as a prompt, think of canned soup, lots of pasta and take-out and frozen pizzas.

In August 2005, nine years after meeting her and more than five years after getting married, I did my first race.  As far as races go, it was a disaster.  The run was through a little town perched in the North Carolina mountains.  I had the kind of sweats that precede vomiting and passing out.  On an out and back bike course, I crashed on the way out.  We went camping afterward and my road rashed back, legs and ass were subjected to sleeping on the ground.  But, I got hooked.  It was the third step in my progression toward a healthier and smarter lifestyle.

The first steps were meeting Dana and subsequently getting married which brought all manner of goodness — including better nutrition and meals — into my life.

Last month, I took another step.  I started ordering lunches from My Power Supply.  I pick them up on Mondays from Mind the Mat — Dana’s favorite yoga studio — just a few blocks away and then take them to work.  The meals are proportioned, nutritious and include a heavy dose of protein to give me a slow energy burn throughout the day.  Not least of which, they cost the same or oftentimes less than the fast food options I have been buying from the local sandwich and salad shops.

Like so many changes, the steps toward better health have been incremental.  It is a constant process with meal choices here, sleep habits there, exercise decisions about intensity and frequency throughout.  It was the people at My Power Supply who opened the door for the next step.  They have an ambassador program.  I applied.  They accepted.  Tomorrow is my first event — I’ll volunteer with them for a couple of hours to spread the word about the company, its services and living a healthier, happier lifestyle.

I’m not really sure what to expect.  I know that the time I spend with these folks is time spent with people who share many of my values.  Part of the agreement I made included the following core ideas that guide the company:

  • Serve community, locally – We love strong communities for the support they give their members, the values they share and the good they do for others. These are the folks we want to serve, so long as we can do so locally – whether individual gyms or the broader DC, MD, VA community where we grew up.
  • Say it straight – The world generally, and the food realm in particular, is full enough already of corporate-speak and bs. Food quality, access, sustainability, health – these are serious issues that shouldn’t be glossed over with jargon and semi-truths. We aim to speak plainly, aggressively seek out feedback, educate, tackle tough questions and be part of better solutions.
  • Give back – Starting with our 1-1-1 Giveback philosophy, we’re weaving a bright philanthropy thread into everything we do. Super important to us personally, a core value of the communities like CrossFit and Yoga we serve, and an inspiring characteristic of other companies we admire (like, Google, Zappos).
  • Follow a compass, not a rulebook – We’re inspired by lots of things but we’re not prone to orthodoxy. We prefer following a clear direction and seeing where it takes us rather than any rigid prescription. Take our food philosophy – inspired by Paleo, focused on fueling up active people but forward-looking and open to inevitable evolution in healthy eating and moving.
  • Yes to big ideas, no to convention – When you’re making a big change like eating better, consistently new experiences are critical to staying with it (and seeing the biggest gains). So we focus on thinking differently, avoiding the tractor beam of convention and stalking new ideas. Not always the easiest course in the near term, but required we think to keep things fresh and help you sustain change over time. 

These are things I can get on board with.  Along the way, I’ll learn some things and meet some new people.  Stay tuned.  You might hear more about the activities of the brand ambassador role, and nutrition generally, in this space in the future.  In the meantime, next time I see you in person don’t worry about formalities.  There is no need to address me as Ambassador Lassman.

(Check out the groovy artwork available for ambassadorial webpages.)

I wonder if they’d mind if I photoshopped in a pair of goggles instead of the weights? Probably best not to rock the boat.