Worse Than Any Snot Rocket, A Booger Blob

by klassman

About a month ago, I cut my finger.  I don’t know when exactly, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  It was a nick and was a bit in the flesh on top of the thumb and across the cuticle.

It got infected.  I poured hydrogen peroxide on it and slathered on Neosporin.

It got worse.

About ten days ago, it started to get bad.  My thumb stiffened up and was pained at all times.  Some sort of booger looking brain thing appeared on top of the nail.

I went to an urgent care place.  The physician’s assistant on duty could not treat it.  She said it had to be lanced and treated immediately with antibiotics.  She gave a referral and I went to the second place where sure enough — after several shots of lidocaine — another physician’s assistant cut into the angry pus filled blob.

I decided against riding home that night; local anesthesia only lasts so long.

After four days of antibiotics, the swelling was down, the booger blob had expanded in area but deflated a bit.

The doctor I saw at the follow up visit said I shouldn’t swim without a finger condom.  I didn’t even know that was a thing.  He thinks that the booger blog is sitting on top of the nail and will dry up like a scab and fall off.  He says that it is a bacterial infection and all I need to do in addition to the antibiotics is a to use soap and warm water.

I’m doubtful.  I think the nail is actually melting away underneath the toxic booger blob.  But the damn thing is so painful and still juicy with infected drainage I haven’t had the nerve to try to pull it back and peek.

Stay tuned.