by klassman

Last week I attended my first track workout since 7th grade.

On the subject of running knowledge, there has been little progress in the past three decades though I’m confident these guys can put me on the right path.  Nonetheless, last night I put on a clinic for how to implode.

Last week the workout was 2×1600 then 2×800 with 400 easy in between each interval.  I ran the fastest mile of my life on the first interval, promptly puked a little about 20 meters later, and then painfully finished the workout.

My second outing was even less impressive.  It was worse than throwing up in front of a couple dozen experienced runners after the very first interval of the workout.  The workout called for 2×1200, 2×800 and 2×400 with 400 easy between the 1200s and 800s and 200 easy between the 400s.  I started out with a 4:30, did the easy 400 and then BOOM!  

Is that a DoD test or an act of war? Nope, that is Kent doing his second and third interval of the night.

It was 4:52 and I faded consistently after about the first 30 seconds.  The 800s and the 400s were ugly but were more evenly paced.

I’m deterred, but determined.  One way or another, I will run faster in 2014.  Track workouts are going to be a part of the process.  On the upside, there is no where to go but up and the people involved in the club could not be more kind.  They all offer encouragement and are welcoming.  So I have that going for me.