Strange Sights

by klassman

Riding the trainer is a strange activity.

No matter what diversions I plan it becomes a head game after about twenty minutes.  Books, magazines, radio, movies, social media on a tablet — all of them fail to hold my attention once I’ve really committed to a good full-on sweat using the trainer.

My brain shouts “Stop” and then whimpers, “At Least Ease Up.”  I ride like an amateur but bargain and negotiate like a pro.  Keep the cadence up through this song.  Don’t shift down until the end of the article.  Stay on the aero bars for 10 more minutes.

Tonight, I saw things.  I saw strange things.  After about five minutes, I saw a wispy gray string in front of my face.  I was wearing a hat — to help keep the sweat out of my eyes — and just below the edge of the bill there was a strand of something.  I thought it was a piece of spider web.  I had no good idea how it got there, but I was in the garage.  Spiders live in the garage.  Maybe it blew in from outside.  Maybe it broke off of a web above me.  I tried to brush it away but never found it.  It disappeared.  Then it was back but only for a moment.

After about 25 minutes, I saw an opossum wander aimlessly across the driveway.  They are ugly, strange looking creatures.  I yelled and clapped and it turned and ambled back toward the neighbor’s house.

Another 15 minutes and I figured out the mystery gossamer floating intermittently in front of me.  It was steam coming off my sweating face in the 49 degree night air.

I bet ol’ Mr. Opossum thought I looked pretty strange too.  Pedaling furiously, going nowhere, huffing and sweating like a beast, I was lit up under fluorescent lights in the dark of the night.  A strange sight, I’m sure.