Weight on My Shoulders

by klassman

I’ve gained weight.

There I said it.  It is easy to see.  I feel it — like a sluggish envelope suctioned around my “real body.”  And, it is grossing me out.

It has both been a cause and an effect of a general blah I’ve had for about two months.  Trouble with my left leg led to almost zero running.  Cold, ambivalence and darkness have curtailed riding.  Calories in and not enough energy out through training.

However, I’ve been swimming a fair amount.  Last night, I managed 3,100 yards including a set of 13×200 r. :15.  I averaged about 1:17 and for all practical purposes descended the whole set.  The first one was in 2:40 and the last in 2:29 and near the end three in a row were 2:32.

It felt good.  It wasn’t great.  Great swims cannot be justly described with words — only experienced.  I wasn’t floating above the water, never tiring, but neither was I pushing through it like a barge.  Despite descending the set I never felt the proverbial piano land on my shoulders.  And that may be what it takes to bring me back to the right path, the healthy path, a slimmer more fit path.

I bet she could do repeat 200s forever — and on a faster interval.