by klassman

Friday I received an email indicating that the power meter from Stages Cycling finally shipped.  I was thrilled.  I had spent three full days in Iowa and two days in Illinois — with minimal training — and it seemed like a good indication of things to come.  A change to my training methods to accompany better weather and more consistent sessions.

Saturday I joined Tri360 for their group ride.  I’ve done the ride many times, it is full of hills, and this time I had a horrible time getting up them.  I felt flat and without any oomph.  Immediately after, I went for a 4+ mile brick run.  It was the best part of the workout.  The first two miles were within .75 seconds of one another.  I made the turn and picked up the pace a bit.  The third mile on the WO&D trail was some 20 seconds faster than the second.  The fourth mile was another 23 seconds faster than the third.  I finished the last .34 miles a a hair under 7:00 minute mile pace.

It is always rewarding to get a workout right.  It is more rewarding when that feeling comes on the heals of a crap session.  After a quick shower, walk of the dog and lunch, I took the kids to a new playground.

We played Monster Tag.  Guess who was the monster.  During the third round of the game, I raced up a slide and as my foot planted I felt my right calf pop.  I couldn’t put weight on my leg.  It was terribly painful to the point of being nauseating.

A kindly neighbor drove me home after his wife helped me to the van.  Dana came home a few hours later.  Moments before she drove me to the ER for an exam, a stranger from Twitter and a fellow age group triathlete from Alexandria dropped off crutches for me to borrow.

What happened?  The folks at the hospital affirm that the Achilles tendon is intact.  They put a fiberglass splint on my leg from the toes to just below the knee.  The diagnosis is torn muscle tissue.  How much or how severe?  Time will tell.  Oh, and the orthopedic surgeon may have something to say about that.  That’s right, my next stop on the way to recovery is to see an orthopedist.

Instead of getting fit and moving into more consistent training, I’m grouchy, laying about the house and my leg cannot bear any weight.

That is a change I could do without.