by klassman

One week ago I tore the muscles in my right calf.  It hurt about as much as you imagine.  I’ve been on crutches since.  Thankfully, I should be done with them sometime in the next week.

The prognosis is good.  After about a week to ten days I should be able to walk without pain.  After three to four weeks, it should feel healed.  After six to eight weeks, it should actually be healed and I can begin training again.  No surgery.  No cast.  No extensive use of medications.

The prognosis is also a huge challenge.  I was looking forward to a Half Marathon next month and going to the Raleigh Half Ironman on June 1.  I have to recalibrate my expectations for the spring and summer.  I won’t be able to do the Half Marathon and as of now, I may be able to participate in the Raleigh Half Ironman but I may not.  It will be determined by the rate of recovery.  Either way, I won’t be racing so much as covering the distance.

Harumph.  Maybe I’ll add a race in July to my plans.  Regardless, it looks like a bid to qualify for the World Championships in Mont-Tremblant is officially off the table.  Harumph Harumph.

On the bright side, muscles heal better than joints and nothing was damaged to the point that it will require a lifetime of limitations.