by klassman

I’ve been offline for a month.  What has happened?

  1. I’ve been messing about with the new Garmin 910XT.  In short, it is a phenomenal piece of equipment but it doesn’t quite do everything as advertised.  Namely, I cannot get consistent readings from the power meter to the wrist in a position where it is visible while riding.
  2. My physical therapy is down to once a week.  I’m eight weeks post-muscle tear and ready to be done with the limited activity.  NB – I cam to a realization about two weeks ago.  I am a runner.  Never before have I identified as such.  But, I figure that if I miss it when I’m not allowed to run then it must say something about me.
  3. I have new “race shoes” for the season.  They are stored away. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to trying them on yet.  They are 1400 from New Balance.  More of a flat compared to the new 890s that I adopted last year after half a dozen years in the same full cushion shoes.
  4. Yesterday I put in the work and was rewarded with my first century of the year.  at 101.48 miles I barely scraped over into triple digits and the one trip up Mt. Sugarloaf was pretty uninspiring, but it is a start and today I don’t feel terrible.
  5. I signed up for a 2014 Ironman.  September 20 on the old Chesapeakeman course on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  It is flat as a pancake.  Patrick also signed up (the week before he set a new personal record at the Boston Marathon.)  I have some ideas about time goals but I’m not ready to commit to them in print.
  6. I’ve been reading the Coggan book on training with a power meter.  It is like a textbook which I like.  I do not like my initial FTP number of 239, but it is a starting point.
  7. Dana has been diligently training for the Raleigh 70.3.  She is out on a ride now.  I think she is going to fly through the first two thirds of the race.
  8. My swimming is up lately due to the extra time.  It is also a bit faster.  I don’t think it is primarily due to the extra volume.  I’m quite sure that I’m swimming faster — repeating in the 1:15-1:17 per hundred yard range — than the past couple years because of the absence of tiredness from running.  There really is only so much load that the body can handle.  Regardless of the reason, it is nice to do a set like 8×300 descending.
  9. My weight remains a constant struggle and worry.  I’m above 190.  Really, there isn’t much more to say other than “gross.”


Ready to Run?

Ready to Run?