by klassman

I haven’t been logging my workouts lately.  I’m not sure why and I know it is self-defeating behavior.

I think maybe I know in the back of my mind that I’m not at all ready for the race in Raleigh in about ten days.  If I were logging the workouts, I would see evidence.  A year ago I was hitting six days a week consistently. Now I’m more like three days a week and my running volume for all of May is about what it should be for a week.

I got home tonight from a four day trip to the Midwest.  It was hard.  There were some long — breakfast through dinner — days with work and today I visited each of my parents in their respective assisted living facilities.  Harder than any brick, that is.

My goal is to go to Raleigh and enjoy it all.  I’m worried that I won’t however because the races that I have had the most fun at are the ones where I’ve gone the fastest, been the most fit and pushed closest to point of failure.

I guess regardless of preparation, I will have that third option.

Oh, and I ran this morning with my nephew.  He was having trouble with chaffing from his shorts however, I think it is a fair assessment that in a little more than four miles I was able to put a little more pressure on him than he really wanted to bear.  I may not be race ready but it is nice to bring a little heat on the youngsters.